Lilies, Bass & Zipper Worms.

Posted on July 29th, 2020

I love to fish Largemouth Bass in heavy weeds and some of my favorite is thick lily pads. Mike Borovic and I had a chance to do a TV show on Stoney Lake, ON casting Fishing Complete Zipper Worms all day long to catch Largemouth’s taking cover under the thickest lily pad beds.

Even if you discover a large area of lily pads, Largemouth Bass are usually holding only in certain areas. In our case we started fishing the pads closest to the open water and worked our way back with the Motorguide right to the shallow shorelines. Even though some anglers might think you can’t get through thick lily pads, if there is more than 2′ of water the lilies on top block so much sunlight that underneath it’s open water. This means a good electric can go through them and there is lots of water for largemouth to hold in.

Our strategy was to cast the 7″ worms rigged with “screw-lock” 3/16 oz. bullet sinkers on a 15lb fluorocarbon leader. We made long casts and fished the worm right over the thickest pads and as soon as we saw an opening we would let the worm drop down. We repeated the process until we got a hook-up. It amazes me how accurate Largemouth’s are following a soft-plastic over the weeds, zeroing in on them and inhaling them without getting a pad in their mouth…so much fun!!

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