Leguano footwear ideal for kayaking.

Posted on May 24th, 2018

This season I have been wearing the most comfortable footwear whenever I’m on the water in either in one of our boats, or even kayaking.

The footwear is the Leguano line of “barefoot technology”. They are extremely comfortable, they have excellent traction due to a “stubby” sole, they are make to get wet  and they are easy to keep looking good by simply trowing them in the washing machine and then in the drier.

Santa Cruz Predator G2

Recently I was shooting a saltwater series from the Santa Cruz Predator G2 kayak and found the footwear so light that I indeed felt like I was barefoot, but had better traction than being barefoot!

Leguano Black Original

If you enjoy any water sports, including fishing, make sure to check out this amazing line of footwear!

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