Late Summer, Smallmouth madness!

Posted on September 19th, 2017

Sept. is really our “change-over” month where we start wearing heavier cloths, winds get stronger and weather more unpredictable. But, there are still many days where we can enjoy warm conditions an get out to our favorite fishing spots before most anglers put their boats away for the season. On a recent TV shoot at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, ON we had an amazing time fishing a variety of lures and presentations to catch smallmouth bass that were feeding heavily right along the shorelines.


I started off casting a Rapala Skitter Pop in the smaller size and it took about 30 casts before I hooked my first top-water fish.


I quickly switched to a noisier top-water lure, the Skitter Prop that looks like a miniature buzz-bait going along the water. It produced many violent surface strikes.


As a change I also fish the Rapala Shadow Rap series and caught smallouth both on the original Shadow Rap and the Shadow Rap Shad. I love this time of year where, when you locate smallmouth, they are feeing so aggressively that you can use all your favorite lures to catch them!

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