Late Spring drop-back Steelhead.

Posted on June 3rd, 2019

While most steelheaders have packed their gear away and are now focusing on big panfish like perch & crappie and of course, Walleye, some are still hitting the southern Ontario Great Lakes tributaries for drop-back steelhead.

Benjamin Reubeni was out recently and reports that you can still find many fish holding in some of the larger pools but that the water conditions are crystal clear and the fish very spooky. He landed several fish but has to stand way up-stream and out of sight as he float-drifted his offerings to holding fish. Even when he hooked a fish he tried to fight it from the upstream position so as not to spook the main fish holding in the pool too much. Light leader, small hook and small offereing (roe bag, bead or bug), was the rule.

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