Late Fall TriggerX Single Salmon Egg steelhead action.

Posted on December 7th, 2013
The TriggerX line of single salmon eggs (3-egg & egg cluster), can produce big fish when fished in clear water with a small #10-12 Gamakatsu hook and long Sufix Fluorocarbon leader.

Alda Nava who operates Niagara Fishing Adventures and specializes on guiding for migratory brown trout & steelhead on the Niagara River throughout the fall & winter took this image of one of many steelhead and browns he produced for his customers this week fishing the Lower Niagara.  Aldo knows how effective the TriggerX soft-plastic single salmon egg can be!

With the colder weather moving-in this late in the fall, most precipitation is snow or freezing rain and when temperatures stay below the freezing point there is very little run-off.  This adds-up to clear water conditions.  Though fresh salmon or trout egg sacks are the standard, in many situations changing up to a single imitation salmon egg like the TriggerX “pheromone-impregnated” soft-plastics can produce big results, especially in some of the deeper-water runs and pools.

The TriggerX line of soft-plastic single salmon egg, 3-egg & egg cluster can really produce nice steelhead in late fall and throughout the winter.

It’s really important when you are fishing clear water to down-size on your leader diameter and hook.  Terminal tackle like split-shot, bottom-bouncing sinkers, etc., should also be farther away from your hook so the fish can “focus” on the single egg.  Gamakatsu Octopus hooks in #10-14 are ideal.  A good leader to use is Sufix Fluorocarbon leader material from 4-6 lb. test, a good distance from your hook to the first terminal tackle should be anywhere from 20 inches (for float-drifting), to up to 30 inches if you are bottom bouncing.

The longer leader will also allow the single egg to drift and change direction with the current much like a real single egg drifting with the current.  If you are planning on steelhead fishing this week in one of the Great Lakes tributaries and you have not tried fishing the TriggerX single salmon egg, give it a try, you may be very impressed by the results!


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