Cranking open-water Largemouth Bass.

Posted on September 2nd, 2021

Most Largemouth Bass anglers will fish soft-plastics, spinnerbaits and top-water lures for summer time Largemouth. I prefer to look for Largemouth Bass around open-water weedbeds where they feed primarily on baitfish and smaller panfish. Recently I had a chance to fish with good friend Michael Kumar where we cast crankbaits to weedbeds several hundred yards from shore.

Largemouth Bass.
I love cranking for open-water Largemouth bass.

That’s where I love to cast crankbait that run 5-7′ deep in and around weed beds and weed lines. My strategy if to keep my rod-tip high so that the crankbait does not run too deep and when I hit a weed I give the rod a quick snap to cut right through it and feel the wobbling action again.

My go-to outfit is the Duckett medium action spinning and baitcasting outfits loaded with Sufix 832 braided line. One of my favorite places to crank for Largemouth is the Bay of Quinte, ON. Bass can be located there literally around any off-shore weed beds as well as weeds growing out from the shorelines.

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