Lands End Park in Tobermory, ON

Posted on July 6th, 2009

Smallmouth!My beautiful wife Amanda and I were up at Lands End Park in Tobermory, ON again this past Canada Day holiday thru Sunday and were fishing every day. Fishing was generally good, for a variety of species. Several small perch were caught on a worm, with small split shot sinker and again a small piece of tinfoil wrapped tightly on the line for added flash. The smallie in this photo was caught on that very rig, not a bad size at all. Amanda just didn’t want to unhook the fish or hold it for the photo !

I caught a larger smallie on a Mepps Aglia # 5 a few days prior to this one. Amanda also caught another good sized smallie a few days prior on s small Gary Yamamoto Yama Tube orange colour.

I also hooked a Northern Pike on a Mapps Aglia # 5, while casting. Another Northern Pike (approx. 24 – 28″, was hooked on a Mepps Aglia # 3 bucktail,. Both times I was using 10 lbs. test on my 7′, baitcasting set up. Unfortunately, as the pike neared the dock, the line snapped at the last minute prior to landing them.

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