Landing net especially designed for crankbait anglers.

Posted on December 18th, 2016

Frabill Crankbait Series – Designed for quick removal of multiple-hook lures, the Frabill Crankbait Net Series takes the sting out of crankbaits, spoons, topwaters, swimbaits, and any anything sprouting hooks. “This isn’t just another rubber net. In fact, it’s not just another coated net.


This netting was developed after several years of trial and error to perfect its design,” says Freshwater Hall of Fame inductee and Frabill prostaff Tom Neustrom. “From the way the material is woven, to the shape of the loop and the composite of the coating, this netting makes untangling hooks a breeze.” The Crankbait Net’s unique hexagonal mesh resists snarls from all styles of hooks, while the fabric’s knotless composition further denies hook-points. Models start at under $100.

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