Lake Ontario Steelhead stocking reality.

Posted on April 1st, 2017

Steelheaders will be interesed to learn that in 2015/2016 less than 200,000 rainbows (steelhead strain) were stocked in all of Lake Ontario in both those years. When you consider that we have about 14-popular steelhead tributaries from St. Catharines – Cobourg, ON, that would average 7,500 steelhead stocked (fall fingerlings/spring yearlings), per year per tributary. Care to guess what the success rate would be for 1-steelhead to reach maturity?  Care to guess how many of those mature steelhead die from natural causes? Angler tributary retention? Lake Ontario charters? Get the picture??

2015_16 stocking

(statistics provided by Lake Ontario Fisheries Management Unit, 2015 report)

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