Lake Ontario mixed-bag.

Posted on August 2nd, 2018

Every year mid-summer off-shore Lake Ontario trollers can expect to catch a mix of trout and salmon fishing the same area and depth using the same lures.


Capt. Aldo Nava who operates www.niagarafishingadventures.com can attest for the mixed bag that includes trophy Steelhead like the one above.


Brown trout will often join salmon and feed suspended on any available baitfish pods sometimes in water over 150′ in depth, but swimming anywhere form 50-80′ down.


Big Lakers can also be suspended and feeding along with the Steelhead, Browns and Chinooks.  This makes for interesting fishing. So whether you’re running spoons, flasher & flies or cut-bait rigs, don’t be surprised if you hook-up to anyone of these are all of the above on the same outing!

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