Lake Ontario Dipsey Diver Chinook Salmon action.

Posted on September 13th, 2016

I shot another TV show for the new season with good friend Aldo Nava, www.niagarafishingadventures.com . I have been shooting TV shows with Aldo for over 13-years and really look forward to getting out on his charter boat several times a summer with friends to have fun, catch fish & take lot’s of pictures!

057A9540 dipseydiver


This time when we shot the TV show we decided to just use Luhr Jensen Dipsey Divers and sinking long-lines made of copper and the Sufix Leadcore. We caught most of our fish on the Dipsey Diver shown above.

057A9541 testing_dive

Dipsey Divers are ideal because you can fish them as deep as 60′ and also have them swim away on either side from the boat. They dive down to the desired depth and when a fish strikes, the Dipsey “dis-engages” from Diving which makes it easy to fight the fish without any additional resistance.

057A9542 checking_dipsey

Dipsey Divers can be fished with regular baitcasting or spinning rods, but they perform best if you fish them with a Rapala RSC Dipsey Diver rod.

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