Lake Ontario December trophy Lake Trout tactics.

Posted on December 16th, 2021

Not many people know it but Lake Ontario has a trophy Lake Trout fishery that starts Dec.1 of each year after Lake Trout have finished spawning along gravelly shorelines and in rivers and smaller tributaries. Some of the most popular areas are in the western-basin of Lake Ontario from Grimsby to the Niagara River at the Queenston/Lewiston bridge and also in the eastern-basin where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario along the many rocky island shorelines.

December Lake Trout
Spinners and paddle-tail grubs cast from rocky shorelines and fished in the water-column at a slow speed can be deadly for post-spawn, feeding Lake trout.

Some anglers can reach the Lakers right after opening simply casting from shore.


December Lake Trout.
A simple in-line spinner can be fished at any depth slow or fast and is ideal for casting from shore for Lake Ontario December Lake Trout.

Some of the best lures to use are Vibrax #4 spinner, 3/8 oz. spoons, 4″ paddle-tail swim-bait rigged on a 3/8 oz. jighead like the Fishing Compete Lil’ Magic Minnow. For best results these are cast out and “swam” in the water-column in water ranging from 10-30′ deep.

December Lake Trout.
Boat anglers can have stellar-days trolling for Lake Trout between Dec.1 and Feb. of the following year.

Boat anglers can enjoy the same quality fishing and trolling between 30-60′ using in-line planer-boards with wobbling lures like the Rapala Tail Dancer Deep in the #7-#11 size and also running shallower running body baits with up to a 2oz clip-on weight about 50-100′ away from the lure.

December Lake Trout.
The UV series of Rapala Tail Dancer Deep are “trout-candy” for hungry December Lake Trout.

Lake Trout like a lazy, flashy, wobbling action and best trolling speeds are 1.5-2.8mph. Fishing shoreline breaks and covering water is one of the best ways to locate them at both end of Lake Ontario.

The Lake Trout fishing will be excellent both from shore and from boats right through until the end of Feb. if the mild weather continues.

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