Lake Huron & Superior Lakers.

Posted on July 19th, 2018

Lake Huron and Lake Superior anglers regularly target and catch beautiful Lake Trout fishing in-shore waters. This posts feature images shows Simeon Kubassek with a couple in-shore Lakers. Simeon fishes Superior’s north-shore literally trolls just out from steep-dropping shorelines where at times you can be only 50-100′ out from shore and the water is already 100′ deep. That’s where you can just flat-line troll with a spoon and often catch Lake Trout, big Brook trout and even Steelhead.

joan wennermo huron laker

In Lake Huron, Joan Wennermo landed this 30″ Laker trolling a spoon off a Dipsey Diver in 58′ of water. The fish fought so hard she had a hard time fighting it on her own. It was released successfully and unfortunately had 3-Lamprey marks on it’s sides.

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