Lake Huron & Georgian Bay tributary fishing report.

Posted on July 17th, 2015

Wayne Sheridan reports: Surprisingly, water temperatures are still low for this time of July. Normally the warm water will slow fish activity but cool nights have kept the temperatures low. We did some fishing during our vacation the past few weeks and it was pretty good.


We caught rainbow and browns, photographed them and then released them.



Wayne‘s Fishing Tip of the Week: Many times we see other fishermen using split shots, weights, ect to get their baits down to the bottom of the river but not using enough weights. Fish will hold close to the edge of the drop off, waiting for food to drop down, and if your bait doesn’t quickly drop down, it may just sail right over their head. Get more weight on and get it down quickly.

River Flow Rates: Moderate, tan coloured, visibility 6 ft.

River Levels: Saugeen River (above Durham) at 1.253M, Saugeen River (Walkerton) at 9.489M, Saugeen at Port Elgin at 7.637M, Sauble River (Sauble Falls) 0.778M, Sydenham River (Owen Sound) at 4.903M, Maitland River (above Wingham) at 10.009M, French River at Woseley Bay at 186.528M, Bronte Creek near Zimmerman 5.865M, Credit River at Streetsville at 4.458M, Credit River at Orangeville 11.208M, Grand River (Doon) 4.143M (below Shand dam) at 1.698M, Rideau River at Ottawa 2.781M, Ottawa River at Britannia at 57.938M

 Flyfishing: minnow, red wiggler worms, grey fox and various caddis

 Prime Fishing Times: Saturday July 18, 2015: 1:58 pm to 4:45 pm (moon overhead) and 1:34 am to 4:30 am (moon underneath).

 Always Fish Safely

Wayne Sheridan

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