Lake Erie trolling Walleye action.

Posted on July 15th, 2019

Bill J Marr was fishing with his so on Lake Erie and had a blast catching Walleye and Freshwater Drum.

Bill was running all swim baits. He started in 60 ft of water off Port Colborne. ON, lost a rainbow there, and then no action again until they got into 25-30 feet, then the action started.  Most anglers went deeper, he decided to head shallower which turned out to be the right call. Green/yellow, silver and black were the best colors. Nothing on the worm harnesses.

Nothing on the lead core, all his fish came off in-line planer boards, and Dipsey Divers. They ran outside flat line 100 feet back & 100 feet off the boat on a planner with 20 ft Jet DIvers 100 feet out and 60 feet back on planners The Dipsys were right beside boat, and 2 lead core lines out the back. Thanks Bill for all the great rigging set up hope you did well again this weekend.

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