Lake Erie Perch Update.

Posted on May 20th, 2021

Who loves a fresh perch fry? I do!! Our good friend James Packer had a chance to fish the east-end of Lake Erie with his girlfriend Michelle and they caught lots of jumbo perch to enjoy fresh!

erie perch

Winds were light and surface conditions were excellent to venture out into 50′ of water.

erie perch

They both used “pickerel-rigs” with small live minnows fished right on the bottom.

erie perch

They located baitfish pods and started marking perch feeding on them and then it was just a matter of getting as many perch in the boat before the batifish and Perch moved location.

Lake Erie is a big, open lake that looks like an upside-down bowl. The water gets gradually deeper but it lacks substantial structure to attract Perch to specific locations. That means baitfish and their predators move around constantly.

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