Lake Erie, ON jumbo perch fishing update.

Posted on August 14th, 2014

Tyler & Jason Howick report. Our group went perch fishing out of Port Bruce, ON and headed east towards 35-37 feet of water.  We fishing live, small shiners on “pickeral rigs” using 8 lb test braided line with 5 foot ultra light rods and  reels.

jumboperchWe caught a lot of smaller fish in the 37 foot depth range. Due to the constant movement of perch schools on the fish finder, we moved further east and decided to anchor in 42 feet of water.

perch_filletsWe caught a lot of bigger fish in the 11-13.5″ range, and ended the morning with over 100 plus perch, taking home 77 fish for the table….they tasted excellent!

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