Lake Erie Eastern Basin Smallies

Posted on October 6th, 2013

I took my buddy Dean out to Lake Erie on Friday. We planned to hit a local spot and explore a bit and hit known spots, but the weather radar looked much better on Lake Erie.
With a quick change in venue, we had to decide where to go. Hit the spot I found and hammered them the week before or hit spots to the east. We were still trying to decide where to go and I realized I drove past the cut off, so eastern basin it would be [LOL]
We both normally fish the hot NY side, but we both forgot to renew our licence which ends October 1st. We will have them by our next trip! We would give the shoreline and humps a shot.
We started at almost noon but we didn’t mark much or even get a bite in a big long drift on our first spot. Time to move!
We headed to some inshore humps and got into a few on Super Jackall Cross Tail Shads in baby bass and TriggerX Probe worms in bass and muck colours. I tried DT 16s and 20s to no avail. Spinnerbaits and jerk baits didn’t budge a fish either despite a ton of bait on sonar. The lack of hooks didn’t sit well with me either, but we did mark some smallies.
We then decided to try shoreline spots that I know produce in the summer, and we didn’t see a fish there either. We then decided to try an offshore reef that leads to deep water. We started to hit fish there, but not many and nothing over 3.5lbs. That is until I tagged an absolute tank on a TriggerX Probe worm. It dogged and pulled line out like mad. I would get it back up a bit then back down to bottom. This tug of war continued for 5 minutes until the hook pulled out. The fish was near bottom when this happened and my heart sank. I knew this was a beast of a smallie, and the second week in a row a big fish was lost [8(] Dean was using the Jackall and I was using the Probe worm. He didn’t get a bite on the Cross Tail Shads at our last spot which is odd, but the Probe worm got a handful of fish and lost a bunch.
We ended up with about a dozen smallies from 2-3lbs with a couple around 3.5lbs. All in all a very tough day on Lake Erie. They hit very lightly, and I think the weather was the result of a tough bite. I would have liked to hit the NY side as it is typically better fishing, but not always. It was still a fun day out and we didn’t get much rain.

I used a Rapala Concept rod 7’2″ long ML with a Rapala Shift spinning reel spooled with 8lb Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon. A drop shot pencil weight and VMC Zero Twist drop shot hook rounded out the set-up.

Good fall smallie fishing!


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