Kitimat Lodge, BC Pink Salmon Action.

Posted on September 14th, 2020

We just returned from an amazing salmon adventure at Kitimat Lodge, BC. This year about 10-anglers joined us from Ontario and 1 from BC to experience some of the finest Pink Salmon action in two of the coastal rivers in the Kitimat, BC area.

Pink salmon move into rivers in high numbers and it’s common to hook them on every cast using either a float and soft plastic “hootchie” or pink “maribou-jig”. We fished both with either spinning gear and especially with center-pin drift outfits. Most of the Pinks were holding on seams in water ranging from 3-6’ in depth.

Male Pinks can’t be mistaken with their high-back commonly referred to as “humpies”. Female Pinks usually boat bright water-marks and are more cylindrical in shape. Both are a lot of fun to catch, especially when you hook one on every cast!

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