Kitimat Lodge, BC, Canada Fishing Report.

Posted on November 26th, 2012

[nggallery id=819]Tracey John Hittel reports.  I had to post another report for our readers and avid, or soon to be avid, Steelheaders. With the guided season finished and the boats stored for the winter we have been swinging flies on our classified waters. Watching our guests hooking all those beautiful steelhead it was our turn to take a stab at the monsters from the deep.

When I first got involved in the classified water system in BC I was a bit reluctant as the initial invest was large. Today, some 12 years later, the province of BC has maintained the integrity of the fishery by limiting guided activity to ensure the quality of the fishery remains strong and intact.

As you can see in the photos below, strong and intact is what I’m talking about! Every Steelhead we landed was well above average and all of the fish were hungry for the fly. I posted video on U tube of the fights as well.

One of the youngest and keenest Spey guides I have ever met is 24 yr old Ariel Cuppers. This lad has spent years in the tackle business and now spends his time tying intruder flies, dry flies and trout flies and continues to progress as a Steelheader and a master tyer. I say progresses, as we are learning something all the time about Steelhead fishing. Those who are graduates are fools!

I went to tie on a fly this week and he looked at me, are you going to use my flies? Sure why not, I ask for something Pink and 5 Steelhead and 3 spawner Coho later it unfortunately hooked a sharp rock and said goodbye.

Ariel was fishing his knock off Squidro, a orange rubber legged gem, that exploded in fantastic color as it sunk into the green water of the pool we fished. Another of our top guides, Darren Bisson has been out doing his thing on the local waters. Fishing and experimenting with nail polish colored beads, hammering Steelhead in double digit numbers.

As lodge and guide service owner it’s important that we educate ourselves on the productive pools that steelheads enjoy as their playground. And when our clients arrive in April thru to November we have a good idea where they should fish. Nothing is more important than having a client who works his or her butt off all year for a week of fishing and our focus is catching them fish. The stress and strain we as guides feel is held deep within us during the season as we want nothing more than to satisfy our customer.

We are quite lucky this fall as the rivers are staying low, especially the Kitimat River. This will keep the spawning beds in great shape and expect a awesome return in 4 years. I had to add a picture of Ariel with a Kitimat River Steelhead he caught this November, the biggest fall fish I’ve ever seen.

If  you would like to book a guided trip with Tracey John, you can contact him at,

tjhittel@telus.net .

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