Kitimat, BC fishing report.

Posted on August 20th, 2011

[nggallery id=581]Tracey John Hittel reports. As another week passes, by the trees of autumn are starting to show, yellow tinges and the odd leaf in mid flight. The last groups at the lodge were from Australia, Manchester, and repeat, Hak from Japan. All with stories of large fish and many catches. Were mesmerized like little children as each guest waits for his turn to tell a tale. Attached in pic 1 is Dave with a beautiful Skeena Steelhead as well a fresh Coho Salmon. The Skeena system is full of fish and estimated returns of Sockeye Salmon are 2 Million.


With Chinook still in the systems, I had to add a whopper of a fish from the Aussie called Dipper, more like the Chinook Slayer, as he landed 2 Chinook that are considered Tyee, over 30lbs, as you can see in the pic he is giving those shoulders a good work!


With chin waggin at the lodge always on the menu, Hak was in town for Steelhead on the fly, and the Skeena produces the largest Steelhead in the world! Hak has been very fortunate to land many Steelhead over 20lbs, a lifetime achievement for all of us for sure. This trip he landed a 30lb Chinook Salmon on the fly and made little mention of it. His tale was about not only hooking 30lb Steelhead but watching them swim past him onto the upper reaches of this large water system. Hak hooked and lost 3 monsters, I said 30lber Hak? He said in broken English, 30lber a baby to this fish, he said 200 meters of fly line off his reel in 10 seconds, the fish jumping 2 times and threw the hook, only to find that the hook was straight, Hak says I will see you next year, as he made a small giggle. I also have to mention that, while the guests are at the lodge we take the crab traps out to soak while we fish and that one night in particular, as we ate a big plate of Crab, then another, then another, Hak tells me in Japan, crab is very expensive, so he ate and ate, in between giggles.


Harry Marshall said it all, this lodge has great camaraderie.


Arriving guests from Sweden, Japan, and BC.


If you would like to book a guided fishing trip with Tracey John Hittel, you can contact him at, www.steelheadheaven.ca ,  or tjhittel@telus.net .

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