Kitimat, BC fishing lodge report.

Posted on June 6th, 2013

Tracey John Hittel reports. Look look! Up Up in the sky! It’s not a bird but a flying Humpback Whale! This week we did a local tour with a group of lady teachers from Kitimat and our Haisla Indian guide, Gerald Amos. We received a history lesson from Gerald and how his people lived many years ago. Each small inlet along the Kitimat Arm and Devistation Channel had a story, and we listened like little kids around a campfire.

Gerald’s stories ranged from how his people fought with other Indian bands along the coast and how they came to agreements with one another. Stories of prospectors entering their territory looking for trade routes. And where his people fished for Clams, Salmon and Bottom Fish like Halibut and Black Cod, as well the Eulichan grease camps that were used near local rivers.

During our tour we stopped at a local Hot Springs for a dip. Little did we know that our trip was going to be a life changing experience!

As we travelled along I noticed a whale head and tail out of the water, so we decided to stop and possibly get another glimpse of the beast. Humpback Whales are quite shy and if you get a picture of them with their tail in the air before they go under and disappear is a bonus.

This Whale was something special and possibly a show off, must of been a male, as we had a boat load of females.

He put on a display that would make Sea World start to cry. Three times this beast did full breach with a spinning flip, similar splashes to a large waterfall. Then proceeded to flap his flippers and tail like he was waving, saying watch me! Watch me!

As we watched in amazement the fish finally went under, this was a moment of silence as what was to happen next. Well if you have ever heard a Elk Bugle, the sound was blood curdling, as it erupted out of the water 1 meter from the boat, my screams were louder than the girls at a Beeber concert, followed by a crowd of laughter as its tail splashed my windows.

Gerald told us that the Whale wanted to rub alongside the boat and I think it did as my 30ft vessel was devoured by the size of this precious animal.

We watched for close to a half hour then decided to leave, believe me it was hard to do. The experience was something none of us will ever forget. I attached a number of pictures of our group trip with Whale included.

Also I Included a few river pictures as the Salmon are entering the Kitimat area and into the river for the July spawn. As you can see the fish are very fresh and a great fight with rod and reel.

Arriving guests this week will be from Alberta, Canada.

If you would like to book a guided fishing tip with Tracey, you can email him at, tjhittel@telus.net .

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