Kitchener/Waterloo Reservoir Fishing Update.

Posted on October 2nd, 2009

gabor_horvat_graphicGabor Horvat reports.  I was out on the last Sunday afternoon for a walk with my wife along some ponds close to where we live. Because I love fishing, it did not take too much time to get a fishing pole out of my vehicle and to make a few casts. To start, a nice large mouth bass hit my buzz bait.

I forgot my camera in the car so I quickly needed to get it up and took a quick picture and released the “largy”. I noticed that some people were coming to these ponds (and others) with a big bucket. I wanted to talk to those anglers who fish little lakes or ponds, and encourage them that if they love to be out there catching a variety of fish, to release the fish so that they can enjoy catching them in the future. Small lakes reservoirs and ponds are too small to reproduce fish that may be constantly taken out.  We would all like to enjoy fishing that our kids and grand kids can enjoy close to home. So, if you fish some local ponds/reservoirs, please be mindful and think of the future, and release your catch.

I’ve included pictures of some smallmouth bass as well that I caught in another small lake today. I had others on, but because I was in a rush after work, I forgot the net. So, I lost a few more, nice big ones too.

All this happened on a late afternoon.  It was a little windy. I used the drifting method over a rocky bottom, jigging slowly with a tube grub/1/2 oz. jig.

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