Kings & Big Kings, Gulf of Mexico, Fl.

Posted on December 15th, 2017

Fall is the best time to intercept big King Mackerel that migrate along the shorelines of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Kings can be caught off the beaches, piers and especially in water ranging form 30-70′ in depth. They love to feed on baitfish and smaller mackerel, pinfish and  literally any fish that fits in their tooth-filled mouths.


On a recent trip we caught live 5-6″ baitfish and rigged with on a double-hook wire set-up and simply drift-fished in open water. The key is to drift slow enough to allow the baitfish to swim frantically, but also fast enough so that the baitfish dosen’t double-back into the loose line or head under the boat.


Kings his a bait hard and immediately take off making for sizzling runs. Drags have to be set just right and loosened as the fish gets close to being landed enabling the fish to take fast runs at any time without breaking the line or pulling hooks out.

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