King Salmon on Lake Ontario

Posted on July 12th, 2013



I had the pleasure to fish Lake Ontario several times over the past week with friends and family. It was decent fishing with good size salmon. I had my brother out who hasn’t fished with me in years. After a good morning and  big salmon for him, he wants to get out more 🙂 I also had friends Mario, Fred and Andy out with me and I managed some solo trips. I mostly fished the Toronto area, but I did get out once further west along the north shore. King salmon were plentiful up to 27lbs, and fought like like crazy peeling drag with acrobatic displays. The sheer power of these fish is always exciting.

The entire lake seems to be good for Chinook salmon now, and large fish are being caught everywhere. The Great Ontario Salmon Derby is now underway, and anglers are all in search of a big fish to weigh in, including myself. The fish are actively feeding from St.Catherines all the way to Port Hope. If you get the chance to make it to Lake Ontario, I’m sure you will be glad you did!

I found fish from 70- to 210-feet of water down 60- to 120-feet on the down riggers. The Dipsy Divers have been good on a 3 setting out 150- to 210-feet. I found a Luhr Jensen Great Lakes Snubber on the Dispy Diver helped to reduce pulling hooks out of big thrashing salmon. Lead lengths of 8-feet of 50lb Sufix Fluorocarbon was best from the Dipsy to the flashers. The best lure choice by far has been 11″ Coyote flashers from Luhr Jensen with an Atomik or Sushi fly with a lead length approximately 36″ to 48″ long to the fly with Sufix fluorocarbon. We also did well with 11″ Coyote flashers and Familiar Bite cut herring strips off a 400 copper rod and reel.

I utilized Rapala Hydros reels on RType downrigger rods spooled with 20lb Cortland Flea Flicker line with a 10-foot Sufix fluorocarbon leader in 30lb test. High quality Stringease ball bearing snaps help reduce line twist on Flea Flicker line, and the Flea Flicker line helps fish flea-free! Spiny Water fleas can be a pain and jam up rod tips, and flea flicker line helps anglers fish without the headaches of fleas. I use 30lb Mason wire line on Hydros reels for Dipsys, as it works well despite fleas. I utilize Rapala RSC wire rods to round out the set-up. For the copper, I use the brand new Rapala RSC II 55 size reel specially designed for copper line on an RSC copper rod.

Good luck for salmon and good luck to those fishing he GOSD derby!


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