Kids shore-fishing.

Posted on June 8th, 2021

Us older anglers that have access to fishing boats, kayaks and canoes sometimes forget the times when we were young and looked forward to any shoreline fishing outings. I have fond memories of my parents driving me to the Kawartha Lakes, ON where I would fish the public areas around the locks hoping to catch any fish. Back then every outing was a gift and every fish I caught a blessing. It’s good to remember those special times.

David Cimato with a nice shoreline caught Pike.

Our good friend Jeff Wood on a recent kayak fishing outing spotted a young person fishing from shore. He went over, asked him how he was doing and even gave him a couple of the Rapalas that was producing Pike from the kayak. That young man was David Cimato who loves to fish from shore.

David landed a couple of nice pike just casting lures and I’m sure like me, he treasures ever time he gets out and especially if he catches fish. Next time you see a young person fishing from shore take the time to ask how they are doing and if you can help by giving some fishing tips, or even some tackle, do so, its a great way to add confidence to young anglers.

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