Kids big Pike catch!

Posted on August 4th, 2021

I love to hear about “Big Fish Catches”, especially when it happens for youngsters.

Luke Thorburn and Gavin Bisaillon caught a 22-pound, 43-inch pike in Horseshoe Bay on Saturday, July 10.

Two 10-year-old boys fishing in Horseshoe Bay this weekend were very happy to land a monster of a pike.

On Saturday, best friends Luke Thorburn and Gavin Bisaillon decided to take advantage of the warm weather, open water and their absolute love for fishing, Luke’s mom Sheri Thorburn tells us.

The boys fished in the bay from a paddleboat and, very shortly after leaving the shore, came paddling back to shore with screams and huge smiles.

Initially, they had thought they only had a snag but Gavin had managed to hook a 43-inch, 22-pound pike.

“That monster did not make it easy for the boys, as Gavin gave it his all to reel it in,” Thorburn said. “With adrenaline in full gear, the boys paddled back to shore where Luke excitedly jumped out of the paddleboat, meeting Gavin’s grandfather, George Elliott to assist.”

After landing the fish with their grandfather’s help, the boys posed for pictures and then together released their catch.


“Luke and Gavin have been best friends since JK and have been in the same class every year while attending Pinewood Public School,” Thorburn said. “These boys were so proud of their ‘catch and release of the day’ and will now have a forever fishing story to tell over the years.

“What a huge catch to make in the bay of Horseshoe.”

Their mothers “were almost just as excited as the boys were when they proudly showed off their extremely epic moment,” she added.


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