Kids and White Bass.

Posted on June 20th, 2018

Our featured images show’s off Isabella Kumar’s White Bass she caught fishing the Detroit River, ON recently. White bass make their annual runs in May/June of each year entering rivers & marina harbors in big numbers. The rest of the year mot of them are free-roaming the open lakes feeding voraciously primarily on baitfish.

Tiah Nagham white bass

Many anglers recognize how good these fish are to eat and fun to catch and literally line-up the shorelines intercepting them as they make their annual run.


This is an excellent fish to target if you’re family fishing and especially if you have young anglers. This was Isabella’s first time fishing for them and she had no trouble catching one after another using a jighead rigged with a Fin-S Fish plastic grub. Spinners, spoons and even small crankbaits and minnow imitating baits work well for them. If it looks like a baitfish, White Bass will “smash” it!!

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