Kevin Craig – Lake Simcoe / Cooks Bay Fishing Report

Posted on August 17th, 2010

Recently I had a fantastic day on the water in Cooks Bay Lake Simcoe.  My father and I decided that we were going gator hunting in the deep submerged weed beds in the middle of Cooks.  We had our 20lbs test mono on and were ready to go head to head with some big northern pike.  My personal preference of lures when fishing for northerns is a big flashy silver spoon.  There is something about that silver flash that pike just cant resist.  We spent about 30-40 minutes quickly fan casting our spoons in the areas where we had previous success on this body of water, trying to locate some nice sized fish.  We hit a few hammer handles in the early morning,  fishing the 15 foot break lines adjacent to the weeds.  We then decided to push a little deeper and try some 20-25 foot break lines also adjacent to big submerged weed beds. 

Within 15 minutes of our location change, I hit my personal best northern on Cooks Bay.  A 36” 15lbs pike.  Less then 30 minutes later my dad hit one almost the identical size.  2 hours later we had boated 5 nice sized pike all over the 30” mark.  An exciting day of great fishing.

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