Kawartha Trophy Walleye.

Posted on June 17th, 2019

Water level have been high in the Kawartha Lakes, ON but anglers persistent to get out  and fish are having some great success. Josh Westerink loves to fish the weedlines using small 3″ paddle-tail grubs on a 1/4 oz. jighead and has had on and off success locating big fish along the weeds. Some days it’s all about numbers and smaller sizes, under 20″.

One of my favorite small paddle-tail swim-baits for doing this is the Lunker City 3.25″ Grubster. It’s compact, has an amazing action tail and produces that “slapping tail action” from side to side if it’s retrieved, jigged, or allowed to fall.

Other days it looks like the big walleye move in and most of the fish are over 24″. Tough to second-guess when the larger fish will move in so Josh just keeps going out and checking the weedlines.

His strategy is to start by positioning his boat in deeper water and casting toward the weeds. As he gets near the weeds he then positions his boat and slowly works up the weedline using his electric trolling motor. Josh casts parallel to the weeds and also our perpendicular to the weeds to try and intercept any walleye on their way to the weedlines. His strategy works well all summer long!

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