Kawartha Lakes, ON summertime large & smallmouth bass fishing.

Posted on July 13th, 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Yamaha Canada event that was held out of Fenelon Falls Marina, on Cameron Lake, Fenelon Falls, ON.  Yamaha Canada employees had a chance to use and experience many of the Yamaha pleasure, fishing & pontoon boats, as well as personal water crafts.

This was also my first chance to fish out of the 2015 G3, 172 FS boat rigged with a Yamaha, 4-stroke, 115 hp motor, Minn Kota 80 lb. Terrova electric and two Huminbird fishfinders, an 700 & 1100 series.

My responsibility was to take up to 3-people out for 1-hr to do a short session of learning to fish.

The weather was excellent, and even though I have not been out on Cameron Lake before, I had a look at my electronic chart on my 1100 series Humminbird fish finder and quickly located some humps and weedlines that went from about 8-30′ of water.  For safety and for presentation I choose to rig my guests rods with a “drop-shot rig” (no casting, just let the line drop straight down, thus avoiding having the chance of anyone getting hooked on casts). My choice of bait was live leeches.  Many anglers use worms, but few leeches.  Leeches are very abundant in most of our Ontario lakes and bass and walleye love to feed on them.  Leeches are also “filter-feeders” and they like to live where there is a silty-bottom. So, locating weedbeds/weedlines that grow in silt, and fishing leeches close to the bottom where the weeds end, is an excellent strategy to catch summertime large and smallmouth bass.

vittorio_rossiIt didn’t take long for Vittorio Rossi to catch some smallmouth using the drop-shot rig with a live leech. My choices of fishing outfits for my guest were the Rapala TS2 rods with Rapala Seeker spinning reels loaded with Sufix 100% Castable Fluorocaron and Sufix 832 braided lines.

vittorio_smallieWe started off by fishing just off a weedline in about 12′ of water which was close to 30′ of water. These areas are ideal locations to intercept fish that are looking to feed along the weedlines.

billy_josephine_diego_cheungBesides taking adults out, I also had the pleasure of fishing with several young anglers like Billy, Josephine & Diego Cheung.

italo_largemouthWhile my guests fished the drop-shot rigs & live leeches, I fished a 1/4 oz. black, hair jig, which looks like a leech going through the water.  This largemouth bass was caught in about 4′ of water and intercepted the hair jig as I worked it in-between the weedbeds.

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