Kawartha Lakes Fall Bass.

Posted on October 16th, 2019

While many in-land lake anglers get intimidated by colder water temperatures, dying vegetation and nastier fishing conditions, others look forward to targetting both Large & Smallmouth Bass as they continue to feed on shallow-water rock/weed structure. Some of the best fall bass fishing in in-land lakes prior to a lake turning over can happen as shallow as 2-5′ depths where there is a mix of rocks and weeds.

Josh Westerink knows this well since he looks forward to the excellent fall bass fishing each year.

Both bass species can be active even in shallower cold-water and twitching a hard search-bait like the Rapala Shadow Rap can work well to locate them.

Once you catch one or two on a twitch-bait it’s always a good idea to use a slower presentation like a “wacky-rig” and Fishing Compete Wacky Jacks .

Also a smaller soft-plastic grub like the Lunker City Grubster (below) and work in along the bottom. Often times there are several bass in one area but only a few will chase faster moving lures.

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