Kawartha Bass & Walleye and an Oops.

Posted on July 18th, 2019

Our good friend Josh Westerink has been slamming Bass & Walleye again in the Kawartha Lakes, ON.

He has been doing excellent catching both Large and Smallmouth Bass on a variety of lures including topwater lures.

When you fish as much as Josh does, you can also have some mishaps on the water and Josh ended up with a doozie. A bass shook in his had and ended up impaling his with one of it’s dorsal spines. Besides being pricked, the spine went deep in Josh’s thumb and then broke off with the skin covering it up…very painful!!! (been there, done that, don’t really want to have it happen again)

How do you spoil a great days fishing? How about a visit to the nearest hospital Emergency wing!

Josh had to wait hours and eventually had the doctor cut the area open, remove the “spine” and sew him back up. I wonder if Josh went back out to fish. I have a feeling he just went home to heal.

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