Just show a trophy Steelhead show with Bill & Shelly Selby.

Posted on March 16th, 2011

[nggallery id=429]Well, after pre-fishing two days ago and seeing a long stretch of completely frozen tributary Bill & Shelly Selby and myself decided to film an ice-out steelhead TV show today even though they were forcasting rain all day. The weather man was right! When we arrived at the stream to our surprise in 48 hrs., all the ice was “blown-out”, and the water was higher and murkier than two days ago. Not knowing what to expect, we started drifting the same area we fished two days ago and to our pleasant surprise both Bill and I immediately hooked-up with a double-header on our first drifts. Shelly followed shortly afterwards landing some nice fish and after 4-hrs fishing we had enough fish to complete the show. All the filming was done in the rain, but we managed to get some excellent footage. Bill had tied fresh “dime-size” rainbow trout spawn-sacks from the one female rainbow which we kept on Monday. He used bright yellow scarf-material and it worked very well. We drifted sensitive floats with 12-17′ drift rods and center pin reels. I had the chance to test some brand new steelhead drift rod and reels that will be available from Rapala this coming fall and they worked great. Make sure to catch all the action and great tips when this show airs in the new TV series starting in Nov.

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