Just shot a trophy Jack & Roosterfish TV show at Serena Residences, Mexico.

Posted on February 22nd, 2010

Our persistency and hard work is paying-off.  We just finished trolling right in front of Mazatlan, Mexico with Rapala X-Raps #12 and we are catching trophy Roosterfish in the 20-25 lb. range and big jacks, right off the beach.  In-fact, most of the morning we were just spotting large schools of 50-100 Jacks feeding on the surface and we started casting Rapala X-Raps #12 and before you could crank the handle more than a couple of times, a big Jack would “torpedo” for our lure and than put on a fabulous fight.  If you love the idea of staying at a World Class Resort and fishing for a variety of saltwater fish and the biggest largemouth bass in Mexico, make sure to check-out www.serenaresidences.com and their Cardon Resort fishing packages today!!

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