Just shot a trophy Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout show at the Niagara Whirlpool, ON.

Posted on December 10th, 2010

[nggallery id=385]Well, we saw the weather forcast and it looked good for today.  Any day the temperature goes above zero is excellent for winter filming.  I spoke to my good friend Kam Anderson and he decided to meet the camera crew and I at the Niagara Whirlpool around 9am.  Kam and I scouted the Whirlpool two days ago when the water was murky and no one hooked a fish!  I waited a day for winds to subside and was praying the water would be a little clearer.  When we arrived on the waters edge visibility was about 10′ which was OK!!  I started fishing a white 4″ fly about 8′ below a slip-bobber rig and Kam started by casting a #7 black/flake Luhr Jensen Kwikfish , using his Rapala TS2 spinning rod.   Kam immediately hooked a fish and we started rolling the camera.  We did a nice fish segment, release the brown and I headed to pick-up my rod.  I did not get 20′ away when Kam called out, “I’ve got another one on.”  That was on his next cast.  So, I never reached my rod, picked up the net and we did another trophy brown trout segment.  As soon as I got to my rod I quickly tied on a #7 Kwikfish as well and in about 10 min. I had my first brown on.  My choice of rod to fish the Kwikfish was the new Rapala R-Type light-action 11′ steelhead baitcasting rod equipped with an R-Type baitcaster and 8 lb. test Sufix Titanium Plus monofilament line.   After landing 3-fish with the Kwikfish I decided to try a 4″ purple fly.  It was the right choice since I hook 3-more fish, a silver rainbow and two nice browns!!  The fishing is just getting better at the Niagara Whirlpool and there will be many more rainbows running up over the next 2-months.

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