Just shot 2-Dynamic TV shows fishing from Ocean Kayaks.

Posted on October 30th, 2009

I took advantage of late October weather and water conditions and headed-up to the Kinmount, ON area to scout-out several bodies of water last weekend.  My wife Barbara and I met with our good friend Karl Dickob who is the President of the Fishery Enhancement and Aquaculture Association ( www.ontarioaquaculture.net), and who also is a wealth of information when it comes to the fishing lakes in the Minden, Haliburton, Kinmount area.  We ended up spending 2-hours on the Burnt River, right in Kinmount, than fishing Solerno & Contou Lakes on Sunday.  Our goal was to locate a variety of species of fish that I could film fishing from a Kayak this week.

As things turned out, I ended up doing a live-bait walleye show on the Burnt River, ON on Wed.  We started by fishing right at the base of Three Brothers Falls, and worked our way down-stream about 2-3 miles to the town of Kinmount, ON.  The walleye were caught using a slip-bobber rig, as well as bottom-bouncing 4-5″ sucker & chub minnows.

Yesterday we fished a back lake that was a lot of work to get to.  I just followed Karl as he took us down winding roads and eventually to an off-road trail that was only wide enough for an ATV.  Well, Karl took the camera crew and all the gear in his Dodge 4×4 pick-up truck, and I took the fishing gear and Kayak on my 4×4 Explorer.  The trail was so grown in with large blow-down trees blocking the trail that we did not get into the lake until 12:30 pm.  In one case, Karl had to connect a heavy wire cable to his to a large 50′ tree that completely blocked the trail, put the truck in 4×4 mode and went backwards until he snapped the tree in half and cleared it off the trail….looked like a live Dodge 4×4 TV commercial!  When we got to the lake we quickly assembled everything and started fishing.  Within 20 min. of being on the lake we all saw a large swirl on the surface of the water about 100 yd. away. I quickly started paddling (4-5 mph) towards the swirl, cast a #11 Original Rapala over the spot and immediately hooked-up on the first trophy rainbow.  After a lengthy fight, the fish was released and the filming was-on.  I ended up trolling and catching a mix of rainbow trout that averaged 4-5 lb., and smallmouth bass.  All were caught on the www.rapala.com, Original #11 Rapala.

This was my second year fishing from, www.oceankayak.com , Kayaks and I can tell you that they are truly designed for fishing, both in salt & freshwater.  I was using the Prowler Trident 11 Angler ( http://www.oceankayak.com/kayaks/angler_editions/prowler_trident_11_angler.html ), which comes equipped with rod holders, a Humminbird 383 color sonar, and many other accessories.  If you are interested in getting a Kayak, either for general recreational use, or for serious fishing, I would encourage you to check-out the full line of Ocean Kayaks.

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