Jumbo Florida grouper surprise!

Posted on January 25th, 2016

Many anglers fishing the coastal waters of south Florida have often had a fish on that they were fighting and all of a sudden it get really heavy and moves slowly. That’s the feel of a Golilath Grouper inhaling a fish anywhere for 2-5 lb! Most anglers either snap off the fish, or the Goliath takes them into bottom obstructions.


Bill Carlson and Izzy Avramovitz recently were fishing Florida Gulf waters with a friend when they hooked up to a Goliath.


The images says it all. These are hard-fighting fish and are seldom brought to the surface on light line.


Fights are so intense and long that if there is any chance of landing one, it usually takes several people to fight the fish. Goliaths are protected in Florida waters so they have to be released unharmed and most are hooked unintentionally while fighting other fish!This beauty was estimated to weigh between 300-400 lb. Nice release boys!

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