Jumbo dinner!

Posted on January 23rd, 2019

The Grdosic family likes to fish and to enjoy their catch. Just a few days ago they had a chance to fish Lake Simcoe and caught some really nice-size jumbo perch. The fish were flash-frozen on the ice (-11C + wind chill factor), cleaned that evening and cooked fresh.

That’s the best way to enjoy fresh jumbo perch. Here’s a few tips I use to make sure my deep-fried perch taste the best they can:

-clean the fish as soon as you get home, I prefer to fillet the larger fish and remove all the bones

-use a vegetable oil, my favorite is corn oil

-pre-heat the oil to about 350F either in a deep frying pan or in a deep-fryer

-coat the fish pieces in your favorite coating. I love original Fish Crisp. Make after coating the fish to lay them down on a plate and let the coating adhere to the flesh before gently placing them in the hot oil.

-let the fillets fry for about 1 min before you turn them in a frying pan or gently stir them in a deep fryer (this will help to make sure the coating is “seared” onto the flesh.

-Gently remove the cooked pieces and place them in paper towels to allow any excess oil to be absorbed off.

That’s it…they are ready to enjoy!

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