Jumbo action through the ice.

Posted on February 3rd, 2018

Most freshwater anglers will agree that it’s tough to beat the taste of deep-fried, fresh perch fillets. Especially perch caught through the ice.


Ed Dolstra who fished mostly the Lower Kawartha Lakes says that the action had been consistent through the winter this far. He is concentrating on fishing off weedlines and intercepting jumbo perch every time he goes out.


Simeon Kubassek is catching nice jumbo perch fishing Lake Superior’s north shore region. Both are fishing small live minnows and also using smaller jigs and minnow combinations. They key to successfully catching jumbo perch through the ice is being able to follow their schools as they move. Perch are in the same family as Walleye and we all know how walleye like to migrate to find baitfish.


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