Join me this week on TSN as I take you fishing for King Mackerel in the Mediterranean Sea, Israel.

Posted on August 4th, 2009

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=]I’ve fished throughout the world, but can you believe that I actually got to fish in Israeli waters!!  Most people throughout the world and even in Israel itself don’t realize what a great saltwater and freshwater fishing resource Israel has to offer.  If you think my job is easy, let me tell you the scoop on our King Mackerel shoot.  As things turned-out, Ashdod, Israel was the last day of filming on our 10-day Israel itinerary.  When the last day arrived to film out of Ashdod, Israel, we were actually staying in a hotel north of Tel Aviv, Israel (about a 1 1/2 hr. drive south to Ashdod, Israel), this meant that on that shooting day we had to be up at about 1am to be at the marina complex in Ashdod, Israel ready to meet our boat at 3am, pack the camera & fishing gear in the boat and head-out 5-7km in the Mediterranean to be set-up and trolling at daybreak.  Did I mention that we arrived at our hotel the night before around 11pm (that’s right, only 2 hrs. to nap)?!?! We fished & filmed until 5pm on our last day, and than rushed to pack fresh King Mackerel & all of our fishing and TV gear for the flight back to Toronto that left Tel Aviv at 12 midnight on that same day.  Wow, by 2am the next morning we were flying over the Mediterranean and all of us were deep asleep.  That was one long, exciting day, full of action and big fish!  My highlight of that day’s shooting was having our first hit ending-up being 5-King Mackerel on at the same time and we landed all five fish on the TV show!

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