Jigging Whitefish, Detroit River, ON.

Posted on November 25th, 2016

When you fish the Great Lakes or the large connecting rivers like the Niagara, the St. Mary’s and the Detroit & Sinclair Rivers, you never know what you are going to hook up to.


In Mike Atkins case he was jigging a 5/8 oz. jig/Fin-S-Fish along the bottom in 30′ of water around the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, ON. when he got a real surprise. A fish that was fighting much different than a good-size walleye ended up being a sleek Whitefish. This is not a normal catch from the Detroit River, but when water temperatures start to get cold, you can catch almost anything. A few years back Mike fishing with our good friend Pat Pagano even caught Chinook salmon jigging for walleye!

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