Jigging Walleye with Fishing Complete new “secret weapon”.

Posted on June 11th, 2020

I’m a big fan of the Case and Zipper line of Fishing Compete products.

The Mad Tom that imitates a Round Goby that is an invasive species that is predator on by most piscavorial fish.

It has set a new standard for anglers targeting bass and walleye along the bottom, especially in the Great Lakes and inland lakes that have Goby populations.

As most anglers know one of the most plentiful baifish in our waters is the emerald shiner.

Soon Fishing Complete is releasing it’s newest addition of a very realistic baitfish imitation that is ideal for jigging and dropshotting!

The new soft-plastic baitfish measures just over 4″ in length and has a soft body that produces amazing action when fished on a jighead or dropshotting!

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