Jigging river summer walleye.

Posted on July 1st, 2017

Walleye can be good throughout the year in larger rivers where there is enough depth for the walleye to get out of strong sunlight conditions. Rivers like the St. Lawrence, St. Mary’s, Niagara and Detroit are all walleye factories, but locating and getting your presentation in front of the walleye is key.


Pat Pagano sent us these images of Dain & Leen Meyer with their jigging summer river walleye. In their case their fish were holding in 35′ of water with a 2-4mph current. To reach those fish you need a heavy enough jighead and you need to control the boat so that your jig can keep in contact with the bottom at least every :05 sec.


The best jigheads to do this are round in configuration and anywhere from 1/2-5/8 oz. in size. The featured jighead was made locally by Romeo Mastroianni. The other item that is very important is to use a plastic grub with that is slick and has a straight body, like the 4 1/2″ Lunker City Fin-S Fish. Jig within 2′ of the bottom, cover lot’s of water and you will find cooperative walleye!

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