Jigging Rapala for ice-fishing success.

Posted on January 11th, 2022

Ice anglers have been using the series of Jigging Rapalas for decades to catch both panfish and large gamefish through the ice.

Jigging Rapala.
The smaller Jigging Rapalas are deadly fished near the bottom for big panfish through the ice.

Two of my favorite Jigging Rapalas for jumbo perch are the W2 (1.8 oz) & W3 (3/16oz) size in either chartreuse or perch color. When I’m targeting big perch I up-size the bottom treble and also add a single plastic salmon egg to one off the hooks. I find that single egg is usually the “deal-closer” as most of the time perch follow the Jigging Rapala as it’s being worked slowly up from the bottom and usually strike from below.

JIgging Rapala.
The larger jigging Rapala in bright colors tipped with a minnow on the treble can be deadly shook on the bottom for big Walleye.

For Walleye I use the larger W7 (5/8 oz) or even the W9 (7/8 oz) and I also up-size the bottom treble and usually add a live minnow hooked through the head to one of the hooks on the treble. I find this really increases my strikes without interfering with the side/figure “8” swimming action. Walleye usually hit the Rapala when it finishes it’s drop and just before I start the up-jig.

Jigging Rapala.
Whitefish love to feed right on the bottom. That’s where shaking the larger Jigging Rapala can produce great results.

For Whitefish I sue the W9 and work it without tipping it I usually jig it aggressively on the bottom until I see an attracted fish on the sonar and then I work it slowly, first on the bottom and then I start to slowly work it up off the bottom. This technique works especially well on Lake Simcoe when I’m fishing 60-110’ water.

Jigging Rapala.
Big Lake Trout can feed anywhere in the water column under the ice. Working a Jigging Rapala from the bottom all the way to the mid-column can produce big fish!

For Lakers it’s a totally different presentation. I usually jig the Rapala aggressively from the bottom up all the way to the mid-section of the water column. As soon as I see a suspended Lake Trout on my sonar that is interested, I increase my jigging speed and usually watch as it follows and strikes.

Jigging Rapala.
The new Jigging Shad Rap is lighter and has an amazing live-baitfish action.

Now in addition to the Original Jigging Rapala anglers can benefit from the Jigging Shadow Rap that has a long, slim, flat body and an excellent jigging swimming action. It’s lighter than the original Rapala® Jigging Rap®, the Jigging Shadow Rap® features a slower darting action. Designed for vertical jigging, the broader silhouette, modern internal metallic finishes, and belly-flashing action are ideal for targeting large wary fish, whether they are suspended or close to the bottom.

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