Jigging Great Lakes Chinook Salmon.

Posted on May 12th, 2022

While most anglers are trolling for spring Chinook salmon Darryl Penhale has found an area where they salmon are feeding in 30′ of water on smelts that are migrating back into the lake from shorelines, creeks and rivers.

Chinook Salmon
Italo’s Minnow from Fishing Complete is ideal to fool any predator fish, especially aggressively feeding Chinook Salmon & Lake Trout.

Darryl is fishing a 3/8-1/2 oz jighead rigged with a 4″ plastic minnow. I used the same set-up fishing for Lake Trout in Lake Ontario casting and swimming an Fishing Complete Italo’s Minnow along the bottom.

Chinook Salmon
Casting and jigging 4″ plastic minnows at the mouths of rivers where smelt are migrating out can be deadly for feeding Chinook Salmon.

Darryl uses his fish finder to locate cruising salmon and then jigs all around where he marked the fish. Kind of like jigging for Walleye or Smallmouth Bass but as you can imagine, a much bigger and longer fight! Good places to target them is around the Niagara Bar as many smelt return to the lake.


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