Jigging for Big Walleye.

Posted on June 11th, 2019

Most walleye anglers will agree that jigs/plastic-grubs/bait catch a whole lot of Walleye all over the northern part of North America. Here’s some tips that I have found work well when targeting larger Walleye fishing a jig/plastic grub along the bottom:

  • In most lakes larger Walleye feed on baitfish. Depending on the size of the baitfish in the specific body of water, match the size off the baitfish soft-plastic to the real thing. For example my go-to minnow imitating jig-grub is the 4″ Luker City Fin-S Fish fished on a 1/4 to 5/8 oz. Fin-S jig head. The size of the jighead varies with the depth of water and windage.

  • In the Great Lakes bigger Walleye, like salmon and lake trout have learned to fish shoals and reefs on Gobies. There a 4″ tube will work well and the Case Plastic Mad Tom that looks like a Goby swimming along the bottom.

  • Golden rule – keep the either jigs/plastic grubs within 1′ of the bottom and even alternate between dragging and light jigging.

  • Always be ready for a hit when you go to lift up your jig. If you feel any weight, set the hook, in all likely-hood it’s a big walleye.
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