Jig configurations for Walleye.

Posted on June 19th, 2018

Some anglers may thing that a jihead is a jighead, that it’s only function is to drop to the bottom. Well, if you appreciate “hydrodynamics” you soon realize that different shape jigheads produce very different results when they are dropping to the bottom. Let me explain the difference in four of my favorite jig-heads.

057A9317 lunkercity_shaker_walleye

1.Round jig-head – This is a standard in jig-fishing and excellent for all round plastic grubs. A round jighead drops relatively fast with a vertical drop and is ideal to fish with action-tail plastic grubs like twister-tails and paddle-tails.


2.Flat jig-head – One of my favorite “flat” jig-heads is the Fin-S Fish Jig-head by Lunker City. It’s flat configuration drops at a slower speed and helps to “plane” the soft-plastic grub from side to side creating a very natural “injured-minnow” imitation. Excellent to use in shallower water and out of the current where an anglers desired to keep the jig in the “strike-zone” for a longer period of time.


3.Sculptured flattened, pointed head-jig – These jigs are designed to fish in heavier weigths for deeper-water applications and also for current fishing. Good example are the Domo’s Custom  Jig. These drop fast and cut the water on the drop and also when jigged vertically in faster currents enabling the angler to keep in contact with the bottom even up to currents of 3-4mph and depth of over 30′.

057A6990 walleye_lunkercity_footballjig

4.Football jig-head – This configuration is excellent for deeper water application in the larger weights and also allows the plastic grub tail to stick-up from the bottom. Ideal when targeting fish in deeper water and also were an anglers wants the tail of the plastic grub to stick-up off the bottom often producing strikes even when stationary.

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