Jarred Churco 45-inch northern ice-pike, NY

Posted on January 28th, 2019

I like to feature trophy fish catches from across North America and even word-wide. Jared Churco got a real surprise ice fishing on Adorondack Lake, NY.

In Jarred’s words, “Well, I had a good feeling about the day. I just had it in my gut. I knew we’d be fishing a good spot,” the Tupper Lake resident said.

His gut feeling was right on. Churco, 30, ended up landing a fish of a lifetime – a massive 45-inch northern pike that weighed 25.1 pounds. The fish’s girth was 20 inches.

He hooked the fish through an 8-inch hole in the ice at about 10:30 a.m. on a tip-up, baited with a 4-5 inch sucker. The air temperature at that time was about 28 degrees, he said, and it was snowing.

“The flag (on that tip-up) had already gone up six times before that morning, but they were all small perch,” he said. When he came over for the seventh time, he said, he quickly realized “this was no perch.”

“When I set the hook, it just ripped the line out of my hands and took off like a missile,” he said. He added that he he was targeting pike that morning and had a 20-pound, fluorocarbon leader on his line

Churcho, 30, did not want to reveal the waterway where he caught the fish, for fear of creating a crowd scene on his favorite spot. He said simply that it was landed on a lake in southeast St. Lawrence County.

Anyway, once the fish took off, Churco said he yelled to his fishing buddy, Dan Dewyea, also from Tupper Lake, to “get the hell over here.” Churco said he battled the fish for about 15 minutes, getting it close to the hole five times.

(article credit, By David Figuraldfigura@NYup.com )

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