It’s migratory brown trout time!

Posted on October 30th, 2016

You know that when the Chinooks are close to finishing their spawning run, the brown and steelhead are not far behind (pun intended). I have fished many situations where there were still salmon spawning in a tail-out of a run and in the next pool below them I have hooked nice browns.  In some cases the browns would  be eating so many salmon eggs that they would be regurgitating them while being held of a quick photo!!


Matt Cory of TopSet Fishing has been doing his share of steelheading, brown trout fishing and still catching some Chinooks.


Jeremy Patey has also done well the last landing his “personal best” brown from a Lake Ontario tributary. Browns are versatile “takers”. You can catch them on roe bags, single imitation salmon eggs, streamers & nymphs, and one of my favorite, small jig-flies fished under a float. The key is locating these fish and right now fishing deeper runs and pools downstream of remaining spawning Chinooks is one of the best areas!!



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